Season 2

Season 2 of Days of the Living Dead

Days of the Living Dead : Season 2 Trailer
John LaFlamboy stars as a working stiff abducted by Kitty and Zombie Army and injected with a dose of darkness that transforms him from an average Joe into the unique...
Episode One - #DOTLD S2E1 | Statesville Haunted Prison
Zombie Army had a tough build schedule this year with a small crew and budget over the hot summer. When everybody drops the ball and misses the deadline with an...
Big Boy Pants - #DOTLD S2E2 | Statesville Haunted Prison
Tensions are high amongst the crew as what's left of Zombie Army bands together to finish the build. See who's showing up to work and who isn't at possibly the...
Change For A Dollar - #DOTLD S2E3 | Statesville Haunted Prison
One of the many Zombie Army mottos is to work hard and play hard which is why John LaFlamboy likes to throw as many parties as possible for his crew....
Rebel Without A Cause - #DOTLD S2E4 | Statesville Haunted Prison
Second in command, Rebel Rouzer has gone through a lot this summer. After his father's life threatening surgery, Rebel has had an epiphany and turned to God for guidance. Subscribe:...
It's Alive - #DOTLD S2E5 | Statesville Haunted Prison
Statesville Haunted Prison is now open to the public and for it's dozens of new actors and management team, this is it. The first night they've seen the haunted house...
Opening Night at FEAR - #DOTLD - S2E6 | Statesville Haunted Prison
Its opening night at the FEAR at Navy Pier, the downtown haunted house. Its a major contrast to Statesville, instead of mile of cornfields it's miles of beautiful lake Michigan....
Episode Seven - #DOTLD S2E7 | Statesville Haunted Prison
The brothers LaFlamboy are workin hard and making things run like a smooth machine at Statesville this week. Things couldn't be going better for the crew this year. It has...
The Dedicated Dead - #DOTLD S2E8 | Statesville Haunted Prison
The Statesville® actors talk about the open and accepting atmosphere that the haunted house fosters... for its actors. For the customers? Not so much. Subscribe: Find Us on Facebook:...
Fear The PIE - #DOTLD S2E9 | Statesville Haunted Prison
It's Halloween night and everyone is rev'd and ready to give their all. But the real thing to fear? PIE! Subscribe: Find Us on Facebook: Follow Us on...
STATESVILLE HAUNTED PRISON 2010 : S02 E10 : A Haunted House Reality Web Series
DAYS OF THE LIVING DEAD : SEASON 2: EPISODE 10: Jacket Party #4: Only Zombie Army personnel who serve a (higher) function beyond acting in a haunted house earn a...

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