Season 2017

Season 2017

Season 2017 of Days of the Living Dead

End of Days | #DOTLD 2017 E10 Days of the Living Dead
It's Halloween night at HellsGate Haunted House and spirits are flying high (pun intended!), even as the realization that the season is over bittersweetly settles over the cast and crew...
Frankensteinin' | #DOTLD 2017 E09 Days of the Living Dead
Watch the Zombie Army team conceive, design and bring to life a new character for HellsGate, Earl the Darkness. Earl's a fun lovin' guy who enjoys infecting the souls of...
Day Job of the Macabre | #DOTLD 2017 E08 Days of the Living Dead
The 2017 Halloween season is in full swing and, despite seasonal setbacks like multiple competing sporting events, rain and the occasional ornery customer, spirits are high at HellsGate Haunted House!...
Haunt Season II: Opening Night | #DOTLD 2017 E07 Days of the Living Dead
It's opening night for HellsGate Haunted House's second season - what could go possibly wrong? A hobbled John, murderbugs and ridiculously hot temperatures notwithstanding, the show must go on! Subscribe:...
October's Children | #DOTLD 2017 E06 Days of the Living Dead
It's not the world's weirdest game of charades, it's audition weekend at HellsGate Haunted House! Zombie Army Productions' haunted houses live and die by the quality of their actors; watch...
How to Build a Laser Swamp (with Help from Froggy's Fog!) | #DOTLD 2017 E05 Days of the Living Dead
The Zombie Army's good friend (and occasional nemesis) Tater​ from show sponsor Froggy's Fog stops by to show us how to build a terrific optical effect: The Laser Swamp... OF...
DIY: How to Make a HellsGate Zombie | #DOTLD 2017 E4 Days of the Living Dead |
In this Do It Yourself tutorial, the Zombie Army's Johanna and Anthony teach you step-by-step how to make a HellsGate-style zombie - a dustier, older, moldier rotter than your average...
Housebound: Building HellsGate | #DOTLD 2017 E03 Days of the Living Dead |
"The problem with big, ambitious designs is that they cost a LOT of money..." When it comes to building a quality haunted attraction, the only thing scarier than John's imagination...
Anatomy of the Scare: Making a Big Room Scary | #DOTLD 2017 E02 Days of the Living Dead
John and Zombie Army's HellsGate Crew give you a step-by-step solution to a uniquely haunted house problem: How do you make a big empty room scary? The answer is more...
HellsGate Rising | #DOTLD 2017 E01 Days of the Living Dead
In 2015, Zombie Army Productions built a brand new haunted house in Chicago... and then didn't get to open it. In 2016, after another year of building and more setbacks...
Days of the Living Dead: New Episodes Starting September 12th!
The wait is nearly over!! 2017 premiere episode launches Tuesday Sept 12!!! Days of the Living Dead, the only haunted house reality web series is almost back! Follow Zombie Army...

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