Season 3

Season 3 of Days of the Living Dead

Zombie Prom - #DOTLD S3E1 | Statesville Haunted Prison
In the spring, long before it's time to think about haunted houses, Zombie Army Productions stages Chicago's Zombie Prom at Excalibur. Subscribe: Find Us on Facebook: Follow Us...
Oh Bobby, Where Art Thou? - #DOTLD S3E2 | Statesville Haunted Prison
It's the first day of the work call at Statesville Haunted Prison® - the building of the haunted house for the 2011 season. But where's Bobby? Plus: Kyle on a...
Kyle Vision - #DOTLD S3E3 | Statesville Haunted Prison
Kyle and Mike duke it out over haunted house build designs while John pushes his crew harder than ever to deliver a brand new-looking haunt. Subscribe: Find Us on...
If You Build It - #DOTLD S3E4 | Statesville Haunted Prison
In this week's episode, it's getting down to the wire, with only a week before Statesville Haunted Prison® and City of the Dead open. See how the Zombie Army crew...
Training Day - #DOTLD S3E5 | Statesville Haunted Prison
It's Actor Training Day at Statesville Haunted Prison® - acting at Statesville is taken very seriously. This is theater! ...and John. With a bongo. Subscribe: Find Us on Facebook:...
Opening Night - #DOTLD S3E6 | Statesville Haunted Prison
It's opening night 2011 at Statesville Haunted Prison®, this year featuring Zombie Hunt! Big Dave will disturb you with his musical stylings, and Hobo Nate asks the question: Is John...
The Gathering of the Masses - #DOTLD S3E7 | Statesville Haunted Prison
As Statesville® enters the second week of the Halloween season, the Zombie Army team & crew pull together as the inherent stress of the job pulls at their sanity! Subscribe:...
No Weak in Hell Week - #DOTLD S3E8 | Statesville Haunted Prison
the beginning of "Hell Week" (the week before Halloween) at Statesville® - pranks go awry, Big Dave destroys his ankle yet never breaks character, and the audience loses control of...
Midwest Haunters Trippen - #DOTLD S3E9 | Statesville Haunted Prison
The Zombie Army heads to the Midwest Haunters Convention in Columbus, OH. 20 haunted houses in 2 days in June? NO PROBLEM! Subscribe: Find Us on Facebook: Follow...
Go Big or Go Home - #DOTLD S3E10 | Statesville Haunted Prison
The Zombie Army brings the party (and the new Zombie Army product line) to the Midwest Haunters Convention, and scopes out the latest and greatest products for the haunted house...
Flashback Weekend - #DOTLD S3E11 | Statesville Haunted Prison
The Zombie Army rolls into Flashback Weekend Chicago Horror Convention with a wild party, Robert Englund and the Midwest Premiere of The Mole Man of Belmont Avenue. Subscribe: Find...
Days of the Living Dead: TransWorld 2012
Zombie Army Productions visits TransWorld's Halloween & Attractions Show in St. Louis, MO, the biggest trade show in the haunted attraction industry, to scout and purchase the props and animatronics...

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