Season 6

Season 6 of Days of the Living Dead

That's a Wrap | #DOTLD 2015 E9 Statesville Haunted Prison
It's been a tough year. In the last 365 days, one haunted house sank (those are words you don't usually see in the same sentence); one haunted house was built...
Doing Time | #DOTLD 2015 E8 Statesville Haunted Prison
It's the 3rd week of the season and The Beast known simply as "Statesville" is ravenously devouring its delighted (and terrified) patrons by the thousands. The flu makes an early...
Start It Up | #DOTLD 2015 E7 Statesville Haunted Prison
It's opening night at Statesville Haunted Prison and, after an exceptionally rough year, the Zombie Army knows there's no place like home... especially when that home is a gigantic terrifying...
Shut It Down | #DOTLD 2015 E6 Statesville Haunted Prison
After multiple setbacks and odd findings on the land during construction of HellsGate Haunted House, the Zombie Army digs something up that doesn't just halt construction, it ends any chance...
Death March of 2015 - #DOTLD 2015 E5 | Statesville Haunted Prison
August flies by as the Zombie Army Crew are killing themselves to get twice as much work done as they usually do in half the time. Jody and Anthony bring...
Raising Hell - #DOTLD 2015 E4 | Statesville Haunted Prison
The Zombie Army crew hammers away (literally) at getting HellsGate Haunted House built as quickly as possible despite brain-melting heat, soggy masonite, creepy dolls and chain-smoking Corndogs. As John says:...
Legendary Lock-Up - #DOTLD 2015 E3 | Statesville Haunted Prison
With the Legendary Haunt Tour ( coming to Statesville for 2015, the Zombie Army crew decides to execute all the little changes, alterations and finessing at Statesville that they've had...
Retail Scare-apy - #DOTLD 2015 E2 | Statesville Haunted Prison
The Zombie Army is off to the BIGGEST haunted house trade show of the year, TransWorld's Halloween & Attractions Show in St. Louis, to buy props and animatronics for Statesville...
Surf & Turf - #DOTLD 2015 E1 | Statesville Haunted Prison
What do you do when your brand new haunted house sinks to the bottom of a lake on the biggest night of the year? If you're the Zombie Army, you...
Days of the Living Dead Season 2015 Teaser
Days of the Living Dead returns on September 5th with a new season and unbelievable challenges for the Zombie Army. What do you do when your haunted house sinks into...

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