Season 2018

Once It's In Your Blood... | #DOTLD 2018E08 Days of the Living Dead
It's the third weekend in October and full steam ahead at HellsGate Haunted House and Statesville Haunted Prison. Watch the Zombie Army do what they do best as they're joined...
Open House | #DOTLD 2018E07 Days of the Living Dead
It's opening night at Statesville Haunted Prison & HellsGate Haunted House. The cast is excited and spirits are high despite continuing technical problems at Statesville and a surprising number of...
Bringing Out the Weird: Auditions 2018 | #DOTLD 2018E06 Days of the Living Dead
John, Kyle and the Zombie Army Crew hold the annual auditions at Statesville Haunted Prison and HellsGate Haunted House to find those spooky souls and freaky folks who will become...
Behind the Scenes| #DOTLD 2018 Extra | Days of the Living Dead
Here's a little surprise extra to brighten your Monday - behind the scenes of a HellsGate promo shoot, filmed & edited by Jonathan Unick. Who knew there were so many...
DIY: How to Make Darkness | #DOTLD 2018E05 Days of the Living Dead
The core premise of HellsGate Haunted House is that it's been infected by evil, literally represented throughout the house as "Darkness". In this episode the Zombie Army's Johanna and Anthony...
Anatomy of the Scare: Making a Big Room Scary | #DOTLD 2018E04 Days of the Living Dead
The new Dragon Caves at HellsGate Haunted House represent the single largest room the Zombie Army has ever designed. Watch as John walks you through the fundamental ideas and psychology...
Here Be Dragons | #DOTLD 2018E03 Days of the Living Dead
For years, the Zombie Army has wanted to have a dragon room. A BIG dragon room. Watch as John & the crew bring that dream to life this year at...
Down 2 Clown: Building Statesville | #DOTLD 2018E02 Days of the Living Dead |
As Statesville Haunted Prison heads into its 20th year, the Zombie Army battles time, available space and uncooperative props as they race to completely re-imagine one of the haunted attraction's...
Recap | #DOTLD 2018E01 Days of the Living Dead
Watch as the Zombie Army kicks off 2018 by heading to TransWorld's Halloween & Attractions Show in St. Louis, where John & the Team quickly learn that their carefully planned...
Days of the Living Dead Episodes Return on September 12th!
Days of the Living Dead Season 2018 launches on September 12th! Subscribe: Find Us on Facebook: dead Follow Us on Twitter: Website: Days of the Living...
Legacy Adventure Park | #DOTLD 2018 Days of the Living Dead
So what do you do after you've opened one of Chicago's most successful new haunted houses? Why, take over the neighboring paintball park, of course! At least, that's what you...

News & Updates

Eve of Destruction | Days of the Living Dead Season 7 Episode 8

  • Posted by ZombieArmy in Season 2017 on November 1st, 2016

Join the Zombie Army crew as HellsGate Haunted House has its final dress rehearsal on the eve of its Grand Opening. Watch as John’s decade-long dream comes to life before his eyes thanks to a combination of veteran managers and brand new actors, all pushing themselves to their limits to turn HellsGate into a truly memorable and terrifying experience!

Working the Line | Days of the Living Dead Season 7 Episode 7

  • Posted by ZombieArmy in Season 2017 on October 25th, 2016

One of Statesville Haunted Prison’s claims to fame is its amazing queue line entertainment. This episode highlights the actors that actually make waiting in line for an hour fun, sometimes hilarious… and often terrifying!

Advanced Performance for the Haunted House Actor | Days of the Living Dead Season 7, Episode 6

  • Posted by ZombieArmy in Season 2017 on October 18th, 2016

Watch as John takes HellsGate Haunted House’s newly hired actors on a journey of discovery, challenging them to dig deeper than “RRARRR!” and “GET OUT!” to build a back story for each of their characters so that the performances they give have a much deeper context and, as a result, are far more entertaining/terrifying! Also, meet Ashley McCoy (but don’t mention his dad…)!

How to Make VOOTS! | Days of the Living Dead Season 7, Episode 5

Our resident Terror Teacher Jillian shows you how to make VOOTS! Are they vines? Are they roots? YES! More specifically, super-cheap DIY props that can be used as vines, roots, etc. – affordable and fun set dressing for your haunted house!

Anatomy of a Scare | Days of the Living Dead Season 7, Episode 4

  • Posted by ZombieArmy in Season 2017 on October 4th, 2016

Zombie Army head honcho John walks you through his process of identifying an area that can be improved and made scarier by replacing an animatronic prop with an actor. Watch as he and the ZAP Crew retrofit a room in Statesville’s second attraction City of the Dead to give 2016’s patrons a reason to scream!

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