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Kick Off the Haunt Season at Riot Fest Chicago with… CONTAINER 9

A sneak peak of Zombie Army Productions’ newest creation, Container 9. This new haunted house will be unveiled at Riot Fest Chicago, this September.

Days of the Living Dead, S04, E07: The Auditions!

Statesville® holds auditions for its actors for the 2013 season. There are many new (and talented) faces, some legacies, veterans and even a couple of oh-they-so-should-know-better divas. John puts his brother Kyle in charge of the auditions, then decides to audition himself to see how Kyle operates. See if he makes the cut!

Days of the Living Dead, a reality web series that brings you backstage at Chicago’s #1 Haunted House, Statesville Haunted Prison®. From Yokai Films and featuring Zombie Army Productions.

“All of you are ninjas, cowboys, Sasquatch, energy and darkness, blah blah.”

Statesville Haunted Prison Featured on The Travel Channel’s “Halloween Craziest” TONIGHT at 10:00 pm / 9:00 Central

Days of the Living Dead Season 4, Episode 4: Building Statesville Haunted Prison® for 2013

Days of the Living Dead S04E04 sees the Zombie Army at the beginning of the summer of 2013, tearing out a full 35% of Statesville Haunted Prison® to make room for dynamic and daring new designs for 2013, including a complete overhaul of the iconic entrance areas like The Warden’s Room and the Rules Room. Watch it now!

Days of the Living Dead Season 4 Premieres September 5!

Your exclusive look behind the scenes of Chicago’s #1 haunted house, Statesville Haunted Prison®, and into the depths of its production team, Zombie Army Productions, is back with Season 4 of Days of the Living Dead.  Follow the crew through planning the designs, buying the props, building the sets and running an award-winning haunted house. There is a reason the Travel Channel chose Statesville for inclusion in their upcoming “Halloween Craziest” special (airing this October!). Tune in to find out why.

This season watch as John and the Zombie Army take on many new endeavors to build bigger and better than ever before after being labeled the Travel Channel’s Craziest Haunted House. Find out what worked, what bombed, and what actually blew up!

A Yokai Films/Zombie Army Productions production.

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Days of the Living Dead was the first reality web series to go behind the scenes of the billion-dollar Haunted Attraction Industry, following Chicago's Zombie Army Productions as they attend trade shows and conventions, discover and procure the amazing props and effects the haunt industry has to offer, and stage multiple events throughout the year like the Chicago Zombie Prom - all leading up to the design, construction and execution of Chicago's #1 haunted house, Statesville Haunted Prison®. Join us for Season 4 as we launch the biggest, baddest, meanest haunted house we've ever attempted... and as we try to survive the experience!