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Season 6

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  • Posted : October 31st, 2015
  • Posted in Season 6

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! It’s been a tough year. In the last 365 days, one haunted house sank (those are words you don’t usually see in the same sentence); one haunted house was built to near completion and then prevented from opening by circumstances that can only be called “bizarre”. Through it all, though, the Zombie Army soldiered on, never letting the setbacks get them down, refusing to quit, working harder than they’ve ever worked and, in the face of it all, managing to make Statesville Haunted Prison & City of the Dead look better than they ever have and putting on one hell of a show this past October. Watch out, 2016 – the Zombie Army is just warming up! Subscribe to the DotLD Channel on YouTube: http://bit.ly/1nb9ft8

Statesville Haunted Prison is open TONIGHT and TOMORROW – our final nights of the season! Come see the actual haunted house that you see in the show! http://www.statesvillehauntedprison.com

OR, sign up for the Legendary Haunt Tour the second weekend in November and see the haunted house, go behind the scenes and join us for an after-party! Details at http://www.legendaryhaunttour.com!

MiniSpotlight.com, Days of the Living Dead TransWorld Vendor Spotlight

MiniSpotlight.com offers a wide variety of low wattage LED specialty lighting and accessories for the haunt industry.

More information at http://www.minispotlight.com

Days of the Living Dead, Season 6, Episode 8: Doing Time

  • Posted : October 24th, 2015
  • Posted in Season 6

It’s the 3rd week of the season and The Beast known simply as “Statesville” is ravenously devouring its delighted (and terrified) patrons by the thousands. The flu makes an early appearance this year, sending dozens home, but that just forces the survivors to up their scare game (and sense of humor) in the face of humongous crowds, the makeup crew’s Drag Day and (gasp) Mancow! Remember, it takes a guy in a wig to fix Chaka’s problems. Subscribe: http://bit.ly/1nb9ft8

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Legacy 3D FX, Days of the Living Dead TransWorld Vendor Spotlight

Legacy 3D FX is a 3D foam design studio that specializes in 3D theming, props, structures, dimensional signage, facades and wall art.

More information at http://www.legacy3dfx.com

Sinister Visions: Days of the Living Dead TransWorld Vendor Spotlight

Sinister Visions is a dark visual design studio that caters to the horror, Halloween and haunted attraction industries. In this video you’ll meet the company’s owner Chad Savage as he discusses the design work he does for the industry, his own artwork and the Cult of the Great Pumpkin.

Full details about Sinister Visions, Chad Savage and the Cult of the Great Pumpkin at:

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Days of the Living Dead was the first reality web series to go behind the scenes of the billion-dollar Haunted Attraction Industry, following Chicago's Zombie Army Productions as they attend trade shows and conventions, discover and procure the amazing props and effects the haunt industry has to offer, and stage multiple events throughout the year like the Chicago Zombie Prom - all leading up to the design, construction and execution of Chicago's #1 haunted house, Statesville Haunted Prison®. Join us for Season 6 this September as we launch the biggest, baddest, meanest haunted house we've ever attempted... and as we try to survive the experience!