Season 2022

Season 2022

Season 2022 of Days of the Living Dead

When Worlds Collide | #DOTLD 2022E01 Days of the Living Dead
Statesville Haunted Prison's final season was in 2021... but that's not where the story ends. Watch how an uncertain future for Statesville became an opportunity to combine two powerhouse shows...
Add to Cart: TransWorld 2022 | #DOTLD 2022E02 Days of the Living Dead
After 2 years of pandemic issues, TransWorld's Halloween & Attractions Show 2022 is back in full force and the Zombie Army is ready to buy ALL THE THINGS! If you...
Drippy Drippies & Squishy Squishies | #DOTLD 2022E03 Days of the Living Dead
For years the Darkness in HellsGate Haunted House has lurked and spread, quietly infecting everything and everybody it touches. In 2022, the Darkness is done being subtle (if it ever...
From the Big House to the Big House | #DOTLD 2022E04 Days of the Living Dead
Perhaps the biggest question facing the Zombie Army in 2022: How do you take characters from a psychotic haunted prison theme and make them work in a wildly different environment?...
Family Reunion | #DOTLD 2022E05 Days of the Living Dead
While combining two of Chicago's top haunted attractions is fun in theory, there's still a rigorous preparation process for the spooky season. Veterans and newbies alike, from HellsGate, from Statesville...
Inside the Storm | #DOTLD 2022E06 Days of the Living Dead
As the 2022 Halloween season kicks off, the Zombie Army irons out the wrinkles from incorporating Statesville's crew into HellsGate's environment. Actors who weren't necessarily "front and center" at Statesville...
Feeding the Beast: 25 Years of Statesville Haunted Prison | #DOTLD 2022E07 Days of the Living Dead
The final episode of the 2022 season of Days of the Living Dead is a 37 minute mini-documentary about Statesville Haunted Prison. From its humble beginnings as a bunch of...

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