Season 5

Season 5 of Days of the Living Dead

Days of the Living Dead Season 5 Teaser
Days of the Living Dead, a reality web series that brings you backstage at Chicago's #1 Haunted House, Statesville Haunted Prison®. From Yokai Films and featuring Zombie Army Productions.
Haunted Housewares: TransWorld - #DOTLD S5E1 | Statesville Haunted Prison
"This is going to be the hardest thing we've ever done..." The Zombie Army heads to the TransWorld Halloween & Attractions Show in St. Louis to purchase the animatronics, props,...
Starting a Riot - #DOTLD S5E2 | Statesville Haunted Prison
The Zombie Army lands a great gig - creating a haunted house for the Chicago music festival Riot Fest. Only problem? Time. The pressure's on, John's playing with Legos and...
Daunted House Part 1 - #DOTLD S5E3 | Statesville Haunted Prison
Tensions rise in August as the Zombie Army finds itself six weeks behind on the Statesville build. The normally happy-go-lucky Adam (Galaxy) gets an attitude check, Kyle and Gehmlich continue...
Riot Fest - #DOTLD S5E4 | Statesville Haunted Prison
After a grueling late-summer build, the Zombie Army brings its latest monstrosity to Chicago's Riot Fest 2014: CONTAINER 9. Last minute equipment deliveries, contrary wiring, inexplicable prop failures and sleep...
Daunted House Part 2 - #DOTLD S5E5 | Statesville Haunted Prison
When somebody says the Zombie Army works themselves to death, they may not be speaking figuratively. As one crew member after another succumbs to everything from necrotic bacterial infections to...
Fright School #DOTLD S5E6 | Statesville Haunted Prison
The veteran Zombie Army scare-actors audition and train a talented group of eager new recruits in the finer points of fearmongering. There's more to scaring at Statesville Haunted Prison than...
The Gates Are Open(ing) - #DOTLD S5E7 | Statesville Haunted Prison
It's opening night 2014 and the Zombie Army crew and scare-actors are ready to FEED THE BEAST that is Statesville Haunted Prison. Watch the previous months' trials, tribulations and troubles...
Days of the Living Dead Kickstarter! Days of the Living Dead, the reality web series that takes you behind-the-scenes at one of Chicago's biggest haunted houses, has entertained you for 5 seasons with the exploits...
Fear Itself - DOTLD #S5E8 | Statesville Haunted Prison
In addition to Statesville Haunted Prison, Zombie Army Productions has, for many years, run The Fear Haunted House at Chicago's famed Navy Pier. This year, after a trial run at...
Feed the Beast #DOTLD S5E9 | Statesville Haunted Prison
It's closing night at Statesville Haunted Prison and the Zombie Army reflects on this year's trials, tribulations and triumphs. Subscribe: Find Us on Facebook: Follow Us on Twitter:...

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